Hotel Lock

HL / ONS 03090 ES – RF RF Card Energy Saving Switch. Only insert the RF card to Energy-saving to get power Working Voltage : AC 110 V / 220 V Load Working Current : 30A Delay Time : About 15 seconds No-Working Situation : Indicate in Red Cover Material : Fire-resistant PC Dimension : …

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Hotel Lock Onassis Stainless steel material, Opening ways with Mifare card or mechanical key, Battery Powered 4 std AA alkaline batteries (last up to 16 months), Indications : Light & Sound, passage mode for meeting room.

  high quality lock hardware is made of strong steel, to create impact resistant ability. High security lockset with a hardended steel deadbolt an andti-pick latch and 2 pieces of anti-friction latches. Solid brass or solid zinc alloy handles. the handle feels smooth and realiable, and will always return firmly to the horizontal position. mechanical key: The …

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Wireless  system  and  stand-alone  door  lock  :  ONASSIS intelligent locks require no wiring , adopt PHILIPS MIFARE1 RF card  to  perform  control  function  and  unlocking  function,  is completely  independent  and  stand-alone,  is  controlled  by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are conded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and …

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  HL / ONS SDB 128 Safe Deposit Box

  HL / ONS H – DDRF7 RF Data Register

HL / ONS ERIC 7 – B Elevator Control Reader

  HL / ONS ERIC 7 – A Access Elevator Reader

  HL / ONS H – MF9 RF Read-Write Card / RF Card Encoder

  HL / ONS 3916 Door bell switch do not disturb and make up room

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