FS / ONS 90 HG
– High grade quality performance
– According to DIN Standard
– Hold open at 90 degrees (either direction)
– Maximum opening angel 116 degrees
– Door weight up to 180kg
– Suitable for doors up to 1200mm wide
– Two controlled closing speed renges
– Adopting double spring design, opening lightly
and closing smoothly, prolonging service life
– Inside pressure reducing value : using to prevent
the destruction on the floor spring or oil leakage
on occasions that the door is closed by strong
pressure or wind force
– Use low temperature frostbite hydraulic oil,
ensuring the normal door-closing speed when
the temperature is forty degreebelow zero degree
– For cement container, 6mm adjustable in length,
5mm in width and 10mm in length, which is
convient for assembling
– Cover plate : Stainless steel

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