Wireless  system  and  stand-alone  door  lock  :  ONASSIS intelligent locks require no wiring , adopt PHILIPS MIFARE1 RF card  to  perform  control  function  and  unlocking  function,  is completely  independent  and  stand-alone,  is  controlled  by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are conded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance become simple and easy.

high quality lock hardware is made of strong steel, to create impact resistant ability. High security lockset with a hardended steel deadbolt an andti-pick latch and 2 pieces of anti-friction latches. Solid brass or solid zinc alloy handles. the handle feels smooth and realiable, and will always return firmly to the horizontal position.

mechanical key: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in case of emergency or vandalism without breaking the door or the lock.

easy to use: The lock is operated by handles from both the inside and the outside of the door. Outside  handle is fixed while in locking state. (For European morties, outside handle is flexible while in locking state). The inside handle can be turned always . when ingeress, the guest insert/touch the keycard then the lock unlocked, turn the outside  handle to open the door; when egress, the guest turn the inside handle directly to open the door.

“Panic Release”Deadbolt and latches are automatically  retracted by inside handle for easy egress in emergency.

super realiability and Low running cost: Stand-alone lock is powered by 4AA/AAA alkaline batteries. Low power consumption (the batteries can last for 10-24 month), high realibility and low maintenance help to keep the running costs low.

keycards are limited by lock’s clock, when the guest’s lodging is out of the deadline , the keycardwill be invalid, so the guest has to take the card to renew.

keycards are grouped into several levels to make the access authority clear. There are Master Card, Building Card, Floor Card, and guest card. Hotel managers can modify the authority of each card according to actual need at any moment.

Normal-open state can be set for meeting: typically used for conference rooms the doo will then remain open after reading a valid keycard until the card is inserted/touched again.

Report the loss of keycard: Even if your keycard is lost, you can keep quiet, the lost keycard can be invalited by simple operations on the lock.

The lock memorizes the latest more than 200 access records to be checked for case, guarantee the security management .

User-friendly and compatible software: Specially utilize a WINDOWS software platform to design the management software make use easy. offers software interfaces (DLL) to make the lock management software  can be connected to other hotel management system.

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