kunci digital


Digital Lock Onassis Thanoz … Features :  4 Access Solutions : Fingerprint , Password , Card,  Mechanical Key Japanese “Mabuchi” motor with a durability of over 500.000 cycles Anti-Tamper trim handle with free moving clutch mechanism Low power alarm, door ajar alarm , Anti – tempering alarm System will be locked for 3 mins after …

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Annora Living

  DL / ONS 105 SS FEATURE : – An auxiliary security lock, commonly used with enterence knobset to enhance security – Full one inch throw deadbolt with hardened steel roller insert to resist sawing

Wireless  system  and  stand-alone  door  lock  :  ONASSIS intelligent locks require no wiring , adopt PHILIPS MIFARE1 RF card  to  perform  control  function  and  unlocking  function,  is completely  independent  and  stand-alone,  is  controlled  by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are conded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and …

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